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Ever thought.. it’s about time to learn Hungarian?

You’ve come to the right place! Whether you’re a student living in Hungary or just want to connect to your Hungarian roots, we will find the right course for you! 

● Don’t have much time and worried about travel? Problem solved! All classes are online, you can learn from the comfort of your home. 
● Maybe you have a fixed schedule at work and there’s no chance of finding a class at language school? No worries! Online classes means flexibility!

About my classes

In our first lesson I would like to know YOUR goals and aims in order to help you reach them. I will design an individualised course for you, designed to meet YOUR needs. 

My lessons are enjoyable as we will not only be discussing language issues but I will also introduce you to the most exciting elements of Hungarian culture and history. The lessons will be assisted with short videos and we will listen to songs in order to practice and reinforce what you have learned. 

I believe that practice is the best way to learn a language so you are going to practice and speak - from the very first lesson!

Online Course Types

Classes are on Skype or Zoom. You can choose the group option as well if you apply with your friends.

General language classes

The course is designed to suit your level and needs. If you are just getting to know the language, we will start with the basics and build up your skills. If you are at a higher level, you can choose ‘conversation only’ classes as well. Classes will incorporate games, videos, songs and more to support your learning process from multiple angles.


Business classes

Whether you want to impress your Hungarian colleagues at work, or you need help with immigration paperwork, this course is for you. You will get acquainted with the most useful expressions and practice short dialogues on formal topics. After this course you will be able handle a contract in Hungarian! 


Survival Hungarian

For those staying only for a short time - classes will be focused and very effective. You will learn the basics: numbers, greetings, short introductions and basic useful conversation. With this crash-course you will definitely have a great experience in Hungary and you can impress the Hungarians in their native language!


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