About me

I’ve been teaching Hungarian for more than ten years. I hold a degree in Hungarian Language and Literature at Pécs University, Pécs (one of the nicest cities in Hungary, worth visiting!), and am a qualified ‘Hungarian as a Foreign Language’ teacher. 

Over the last decade I’ve had more than a hundred students from all over the world. I also have experience as a Literature teacher for children and young adults. I am in love with all aspects of language - the grammar, culture and etymological origins of the words!

Additionally I worked as an ‘expat-helper’, helping foreign students to solve their
immigration problems, landlord and renting difficulties. 

After ten years of teaching I have experience in identifying an individuals’ strengths and difficulties, at all age groups, and this allows me to adapt my lessons to your needs and age.

In my free time I like taking my dog for long walks and teaching her new tricks. Otherwise I’ve mastered my kitchen and am currently trying out new ‘paleo’ recipes! 

I have studied several languages including German, Dutch and Hebrew, but am forever curious so have become a student again, this time learning Italian! Therefore I know all the difficulties that my students face when learning a language. I understand the anxiety for using the language for the very first time. 

I look forward to working with you, to discover this beautiful language and culture together!

I also teach on Verbling.

Magyar Iskola (Budapest)
Novoschool (Budapest)
Ulysses Language School (Budapest)
University of Pécs (Pécs)
Online Magyar Iskola (worldwide)