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Business classes

Whether you want to impress your Hungarian colleagues at work, or you need help with immigration paperwork, this course is for you...


Survival classes

For those staying only for a short time - classes will be focused and very effective. You will learn the basics: numbers, greetings...


Exam preparation

I know that preparing for a citizenship exam is never easy. There are topics and themes that should be covered and it all might seem frightening at first...


about ME

I’ve been teaching Hungarian for more than ten years. I hold a degree in Hungarian Language and Literature at Pécs University, Pécs (one of the nicest cities in Hungary, worth visiting!), and am a qualified ‘Hungarian as a Foreign Language’ teacher. 

Over the last decade I’ve had more than a hundred students from all over the world. I also have experience as a Literature teacher for children and young adults. I am in love with all aspects of language - the grammar, culture and etymological origins of the words!

Additionally I worked as an ‘expat-helper’, helping foreign students to solve their immigration problems, landlord and renting difficulties.


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